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Carpenter Bees are a solitary bee, and like their name implies, they burrow holes in exposed wood to lay their young.  A female carpenter bee will drill a perfectly round hole about a half inch in diameter and then make a 90 degree turn burrowing down the length of the wood. She can lay from 6 to 10 eggs in a burrow. The following year the burrow will be reused often by lengthening it. Males are very territorial and will buzz close to those passing by. Males are not able to sting though. Females can sting but rarely do. Carpenter bees are larger than bumblebees and not as furry. They are mostly shiny black with some yellow.

Carpenter bees can be a real problem in warmer climates such as the southeast. Log cabins and wood homes have seen serious infestations. The wood is destroyed as the bees burrow holes over and over again. Woodpeckers can also damage the wood further by eating away at the larva inside the holes. To get rid of a carpenter bee problem it may be necessary to have a pesticide application once or twice every year. Southeast Bee Removal does not do removal of carpenter bees.

For more detailed information on carpenter bees and companies that will remove/treat them

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