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Here is an example of a serious honey bee infestation in a home in Mountain Brook, near Birmingham, Alabama. I first gave a free bee removal estimate, included repairs.

All three of these bee hives were in the same house! They were found in the floor joists between the first and second floor.

Bee Removal #1

2014 03 27 08.57.11

Bee Removal #2 - the largest of the three!


Bee Removal #3 - Check out this comb!

2014 03 27 14.23.33

Altogether I rescued and removed about 90,000 bees!

Here is a picture of repairs

2014 03 27 13.55.27

Several honey bee colonies had been in this house before these three and had not been adequately sealed. The bees moved back in worse than before. After removing bees and comb Southeast Bee Removal seals area in such a way to keep bees from ever coming back to the same location. We guarantee against honey bee reinfestation. We also can "bee proof" the rest of your home to prevent bees from moving into new places.