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This beautiful church in Columbus, GA had an established hive of honeybees that had moved in several years previously. The bees were located several stories up behind the brick in a not so easy to get to location. The pastor of the church called our professional bee removal service because they were at their wit's end!

Honey bee swarm that split from parent colony in church.

Honey Bee Swarm on a Small Tree Near a Columbus Georgia Church

One thing I like about my job, is how exciting and interesting it can be from day to day! I come across some pretty bizarre and crazy bee stories. Honey Bees in Concrete Box #2

A tenant was moving into this home in a week and the landlord needed the hive of honey bees removed asap. It turns out, honey bees do not care about paying rent! So he gave them their eviction notice and called Southeast Bee Removal.

Here is a unique story of a bee removal I did, both becuase of the size of the swarm and because it involved an answer to prayer that I am going to tell you about. 

Gigantic Honey Bee Swarm Removal From Tree Limb

Prices and the cost for bee removal range from $1-$1500 or more depending on what type of bees you need removed, size and age of the bee hive, location of hive, height from the ground, and cost of repairing the access area. Distance traveled to the job site may also affect cost. For multiple bee removals in one location a discount will likely be given after the first bee removal. Furthermore, the price will vary depending on if the company or beekeeper is licensed, insured, and guarantees their work.  

Here are Southeast Bee Removal's average prices for removing bee hives. 

Here is an account of the oldest honey bee colony I have ever heard of, located in Rutledge, GA about 45 minutes east of Atlanta.  

It was Ms. Sandra Verner Latimer, who contacted Southeast Bee Removal for the job:

"My family's ancestral home has had honeybees in the front corner of the porch and half-column against the wall of the house for as long as I can remember and I am 67 years old. My grandmother was born in the house in 1880 and she told us the bees were there when she was a child. I also grew up there and remember several times when my parents had local beekeepers try to remove the bees without success. I know they finally let the exterminator try, but even then, the bees came back."

The beam that supported the porch roof was filled with dripping honey comb!

resized 100yrhive 2

A plane is forced to change gates to allow honey bees to come in for a landing!

Who would of thought that small tiny honey bees could reroute a huge plane loaded with passengers? Yet this is what happened, a swarm of 15,000 honey bees landed on the jetway where passengers normally unload. Airport officials, not wanting to take a chance with the bees potentially stinging passengers as they unloaded, decided to reroute the planes until the bees could be removed. 

Atlanta airport honey bee swarm 3

This is a honey bee removal job I recently did in Augusta GA. I was amazed at how many dead bees were on the floor and window of the room. There literally could have been 10,000 or more dead bees. The ceiling had a softball sized hole where the bees could get through. Since bees are attracted to the light, they were flying to the window thinking it was an exit point. Once seperated from the hive and in the confined space of the room, the bees died quickly.

Just outside the Aqua Midtown Condos in downtown Atlanta, a large mass of honey bees were all clinging together 20 feet up in a tree, about 15,000 of them. Now how they got there seems somewhat of a mystery. Surrounded with tall buildings and busy streets the area does not look like an ideal living situation for the bees.

Honey Bee Swarm at Aqua Midtown Condos

Resized Atlanta Skyline Swarm Removal 1








Southeast Bee Removal encountered a strange sight when called upon to remove a swarm of honeybees from a house in Macon Georgia. The 25,000 bees had swarmed into a solid wall formation of approximately two feet by five feet  and two inches thick.

The formation in the picture below is how the bees looked when I arrived!

web 20000 bees plastered to wall Macon GA