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Bees in the Mail? It appears that is exactly what these honeybees were thinking! Located in Decatur, Ga in Atlanta, scout bees from this colony had been coming into the client's home, looking for a permanent place. I discovered the full colony here on the neighbor's mailbox, which they had chosen as their temporary shelter. I rescued and removed these honeybees live and relocated them to our bee yard in Fayetteville, Ga.

mail box bees

Here is an example of a serious honey bee infestation in a home in Mountain Brook, near Birmingham, Alabama. I first gave a free bee removal estimate, included repairs.

All three of these bee hives were in the same house! They were found in the floor joists between the first and second floor.

Bee Removal #1

2014 03 27 08.57.11

Here are some pics of a live honey bee removal near Greenville, SC (Anderson, sc) from last week, check it out! :)

The bees were entering in by the chimney...


was able to access a portion of the honey bees' colony and honey comb from the outside...

Bees entering the corner of a home in Clemson, South Carolina

2014 04 03 18.00.45

Removing honey bees from floor joists. 2nd year of having a bee problem. Leaving bees alone will generally not solve the problem but only make it worse. Call Southeast Bee Removal today for professional live bee removal help!

Between Carrollton and Newnan is the historic Banning Mills in Whitesburg, Ga. This retreat and conservation center includes ropes courses, cayaking, lodge retreats...Also thought it was pretty awesome that they hold a couple Guiness Book of World Records: largest zipline eco-canopy tour and tallest freestanding climbing wall. :)!! were found BEES, too!!

About 25,000 of them, in fact, under the Tree Terrace. The bees hadn't been there for long and the staff were quick to deal with the situation, calling Southeast Bee Removal for live honey bee removal.

Here are some photos of where the bees were located:


These bees were located several feet from there entrance way up between two rafters.


Need help locating and removing a bee hive from your home or business? Contact Southeast Bee Removal for live removal and relocation of honeybees! 404-594-2337

For local bee removal and free bee removal estimates contact Southeast Bee Removal 404-594-2337. We are based out of Fayetteville, GA.


Honey bees in a bay window roof in Peachtree City.

This is the type of bee removal where you want a professional to come out, 50,000 plus bees!


2 month old hive in knee wall of sun porch. This hive was bigger than the home owner anticipated. It goes further behind the siding than what is shown


Bees SEBR removed from a window on a home in Marietta GA.