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Southeast Bee Removal has done many bee removals in the North Georgia mountains. I used to live in Blue Ridge and keep bees hives there. Now that I live near Atlanta, I still move bees up north for the delicious sourwood honey harvest as do many other beekeepers. With all the trees and flowers, honey bees have no problem thriving in this region.

Many times when I get a call to remove bees here, the bees are in a log cabin. Many of the houses are log cabins. These houses require extra care when removing the wood siding or tongue and grove paneling. With the use of the right tools we are able to remove the wood and repair the access area where it is barely noticeable that any work was done.


These honey bees I removed in McCaysville, GA were in a cabin. The bees were located in an outside wall next to the chimney. There was no insulation in that part of the wall, leaving plenty of space for the bees to make a home. Any time there is insulation in the walls, honey bees have a hard time making a nest because they just don' have enough space. They have to look elsewhere.


A knot hole in the siding had fallen out providing the bees access to the cavity. Once the honey bees entered the knot hole, they went straight to the top of the wall. Honey bees prefer to build their nest from the top down when they move into a cavity. It less work for them to do it this way.


A side note, is that sometimes wood peckers will also make holes in the wood siding as they search for carpenter bees and other insects that have burrowed into the wood. These holes give bees access to make a nest and should be sealed to prevent bees and other pests from entering.

The job in McCaysville was pretty straight forward for a bee removal. I removed the entire hive, put everything back together, and sealed the knot hole and the gaps between the chimney and wood siding, and gave the bees a new home back at my apiary.

We offer professional honey bee removal and relocation services to all of North GA. So if you have bees in a structure or log cabin that you need removed and do not want exterminated we are your company! We have fast service. If we don't answer the phone, it is often because we are on the job extracting a bee hive. We do are best to check messages regularly and return calls and emails as quickly as possible.