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Southeast Bee Removal encountered a strange sight when called upon to remove a swarm of honeybees from a house in Macon Georgia. The 25,000 bees had swarmed into a solid wall formation of approximately two feet by five feet  and two inches thick.

The formation in the picture below is how the bees looked when I arrived!

web 20000 bees plastered to wall Macon GA





Normally a swarm of honey bees will temporarily land on a tree branch or shrub for a day or two before moving to a permanent location. By the time the bees find a house they have typically already found a permanent nesting site and are entering and exiting through a crack in the building material.

What happened with these honey bees is that the weather had warmed up enough to initiate swarming. This is typically a week or two of seventy degree weather. So the weather had warmed up and the bees swarmed. Scout bees were sent off and found this house but were unable to successfully enter. The weather all of a sudden turned cold, 50s and low 60s during the day and 30s at night. Since honey bees really do not fly very well unless the temperature is at least in the 60s they were unable to move from their spot. The swarm just stayed plastered against the wall for three or more days.

I am happy to say, the bees were successfully relocated to where they could thrive in a better place. If you ever happen to encounter a swarm of honey bees, use caution but do not panic. Honey bees in this state are usually not aggressive. For bee removal help you may contact Southeast Bee Removal at 404-594-2337. We use environmentally friendly methods and will be happy to answer your questions and give you a free bee removal estimate.