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Some bee removals are more difficult then others. This one near Augusta, GA in the city of Thompson definitely had its challenges. To start with the honey bees were located at the top of a gable of a solid log cabin home about forty plus feet off the ground. If the bees wanted to stay safe, it seemed like they had picked a good spot.

The owner of this home had sprayed hornet killer up at the nest to try to get rid of the bees that had moved in around springtime that year. Unfortunately, this caused hundreds of bees to started coming inside the house to get away from the pesticide. As you can imagine, this was quite disturbing for the family.

Southeast Bee Removal was contacted and set up a time to take care of the bee problem. When I drove out toward Augusta, it was a hot 90-degree Georgia summer day with little wind and high humidity. I came determined though, and was planning to get those bees out of there no matter what.

Upon arriving at the job site, the home owner and I set up the lift that he had rented. This made getting to where the bees were at a whole lot easier than trying to work off a tall ladder. As we were setting things up, an interesting event happened. Half of the hive swarmed and left with the queen. I discovered the reason they swarmed, was the cavity they had picked was too small for their colony. The bees that swarmed landed on a high tree branch a short distance away from the house and then took off again about an hour later, never to be seen again.

We then safely removed the remaining bees, honey, and comb. After doing the repairs and sealing the bees entry point, you would never have known bees had ever been there.

Why choose Southeast Bee Removal for your bee removal needs in Augusta, GA? We are fully insured and carry workers comp. We provide competitive pricing for structural honey bee removals, which includes: locating and accessing the bee colony, removal of the entire hive (comb, honey, and bees), repair of the access area, and a guarantee against re-infestation.

Southeast Bee Removal services most of Georgia including: Augusta, Thomson, Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, North Augusta, Aiken, and the surrounding areas. For a free bee removal estimate or if you have questions, give us a call today. We look forward to serving you!

Augusta Thomson honey bee removal 1 Augusta Thomson honey bee removal 1 Augusta Thomson honey bee removal 1

*Photos courtesy of Louisa Hickman

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