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Eastern Alabama is another place where I have seen honey bees thrive! In this part of the state there are thousands of acres of woods, open land, and water, leaving plenty of forage sources for the bees. The Talladega National Forest is located here, providing habitat for feral (wild) bee colonies.

Here are two examples of typically honey bee removals we have done in Alabama. The first one is from Alexander City, AL. The home owners who had young children, put up with the bees for two years. They decided it was time to look for a bee removal specialist and found Southeast Bee Removal. The honey bee nest was located about 15 feet up in the soffit area. It was a large colony of bees, wrapping around the entire corner of the soffit. Southeast Bee Removal removed the bees live, bee-proofed the area, and did the repairs, permanently sealing the bees out.

Another honey bee removal we have done in Alabama was in the city of Gadsden up in the mountains. These bees were located in the floor joists between the garage and the room above it. After removing the colony, I explained to the home owner that the gap along the whole side of the garage needed to be sealed or other bees could come back. The bottom of the garage was large rock transitioning to wood siding. Between the two was a very large crack, difficult to seal. Here the story takes an interesting twist. To the surprise of us both, a new colony of honey bees moved in a few days after I removed the first one. They were about four feet down from where the other colony had been. In this case, Southeast Bee Removal removed the second colony at a discounted rate of half price.

Southeast Bee Removal is located in Fayette county, Georgia not too far from the Alabama border. This allows us to efficiently service the eastern part of Alabama. Areas we service include: Dothan, Eufaula, Auburn, Opelika, Alexander City, Anniston, Gadsden, Fort Payne, and the surrounding areas. For professional bee removal and relocation and for a free bee removal estimate, give us a call today. We look forward to serving you!

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