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This summer day started in typical fashion for Southeast Bee Removal. On my schedule was a honey bee removal job in Macon. GA. The bees were located somewhere in a large warehouse. They had been coming in by the hundreds and flying around the lights. Everyday there would be small piles of dead bees under the lights. There was a concern that some of the workers in the warehouse would be stung and the bees needed to be removed asap. I arrived at the sight early in the day and inspected the bees' entry point. I saw many bees coming and going. They were flying into the cement block wall. Using the heat gun I tried to pinpoint the exact location of the hive. I was not picking up any noticeable heat difference in the wall though.

I went inside the ware house to look around. Four loaded pallets blocked the way to the wall where I thought the honey bees were at. I took out my flashlight and shined it to the back behind the pallets. What a big surprise I saw that I was not expecting. White comb protruded from behind the last pallet and there were bees on the comb too. Apparently this hive was not inside the cement blocks at all, but inside the warehouse. As a fork lift driver carefully pulled the pallets away from the wall, a huge honeybee colony was exposed. I had never seen anything like it! No wonder so many bees had been flying around the warehouse.

This was a very unusual event for the employees at this Macon warehouse. Many gathered around to see the honey bee nest and to take pictures. One of the reason the bee hive was able to get so big was because it had virtually unlimited space to grow and no walls to confine it. I spent the better part of the day vacuuming up bees and removing honey comb. The last thing I did before leaving was to seal the bees entry point to prevent the bees from being able to come back. All in all the hive contained approximately 60,000 bees and 100 pounds of honey. This was definitely one of the more memorable bee removals I have done. I am sure the employees of that place were talking about it for days to come.

If you have a honeybee infestation in Macon GA give Southeast Bee Removal a call today and we will be happy to provide you with a free bee removal estimate. Southeast Bee Removal provides professional honey bee removal services throughout the southeast including Macon, Warner Robins, Fort Valley, Perry, Milledgeville, Thomaston, and the surrounding areas.

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