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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our site! We are Southeast Bee Removal and have been providing permanent bee removal solutions to Marietta since 2013. We are your go to company, if you are in need of honey bee removal, yellow jacket removal, or hornet removal. We have removed 100s of bee nests from homes and businesses in Marietta and all over Georgia. When you hire Southeast Bee Removal, you will be hiring a highly trained bee removal specialist, that is very experienced with both bee removal and construction repairs. Our company is licensed, insured, and has workers comp.

We are one of the top service providers in Marietta for live honey bee removal and relocation. We save honey bees! We know the value of bees and how they pollinate around one third of the food we eat. We are able to safely do live removal of honey bees from structures. Contact us for more information and for a free bee removal estimate.

Here are some examples of what swarms of honey bees look like. Please don't call a bee exterminator or spray the bees yourself. Spraying the bees can upset them and cause the bees to fly all over the place increasing the chance of someone getting stung.

Honey Bee Swarm Branch - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaHoney Bee Swarm Marietta Home - bee removal services in marietta, georgia

Bee Inspection Construction Atlanta Braves - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaOver the years, we have received many interesting bee calls in and around Marietta. One call came from Truist Park, the Atlanta Braves Stadium located in Cobb county. It happened during the construction of the stadium before it was completed. A swarm of honey bees had landed on some equipment. Southeast Bee Removal was called to come and relocate the bees. I came out the same day, but by the time I arrived the bees were gone without a trace.

Honey bee swarms usually do move on pretty quick. They may stay in a location for one to three days. They are looking for an enclosed structure to make their permanent home. While sending out scout bees to look for this permanent home, the swarm of bees will rest on anything they can find. It will look like a big ball or mass of bees.

Swarms consist of 5,000-25,000 bees and can be larger than a basketball. Although, the honey bees had already gone, I did get a tour of the stadium and stood at the location of where home plate was going to be, which was a pretty neat experience.

So what is our process of removing honey bees once they have become established in a structure such as a wall, floor, eave, chimney, column, or other area of a home. Here is an example of what you can expect for a Marietta honey bee removal from start to finish.

These honey bees choose to build their nest 40-45 feet off the ground in the eaves. Any bee removals up to 40 feet we can usually reach off a ladder, but this was just over the limit and we felt it best and safest to use a boom lift. At the time of the removal, the bee nest was approximately 6 weeks old and 4 feet long. This is a significant size for such a short time, but is quite normal for a honey bee nest.

I was able to access the colony by cutting a section out of the soffit. The nest was located by using an infrared thermometer. That way I knew exactly where to make the cuts in the soffit.

Marietta Honey Bee Removal Lift - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaBees Honeycomb Eaves - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaBee Hive Removed Eaves Marietta - bee removal services in marietta, georgia

Found Bee Swarm While Removing Parent Colony - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaI try to be on the lookout for any other bee nests while on the job. You never know what you may find. Several times I have seen another swarm of honey bees in a tree nearby.

That was the case for this job. I think what happened was that the bees from this colony must have swarmed the day before I got there.  Half the bees left the parent colony. They were resting in a tall tree branch. I was able to move the boom lift over to them and rescue and relocate them as well.

Most of the removals Southeast Bee Removal does, include repair of the access area. However, we do not repair brick, stone, or stucco. We fill the void with fiberglass insulation which prevents re-infestation of other honey bee colonies in the future to the exact same location.

The soffit is repaired with white caulk and the repairs are barely noticeable. A fresh coat of paint can be applied later and it will look as good as new. The entry point was also sealed with high quality clear caulk. The entry point was above the eave underneath the shingles in this case.

Bee Proofing Eaves Marietta - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaRepair Eaves Bee Removal Marietta - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaSealing Honey Bees Entry Point - bee removal services in marietta, georgia

Yellow Jacket Removal Floor Marietta - bee removal services in marietta, georgiaYellow Jacket nest we removed from the floor joist of a home.

A year with rainy spring and summers, will produce more aeriel yellow jacket nests in structures.

Possibly, because the ground is wet and not as conducive for starting a nest, they are forced to build up higher off the ground. Yellow jacket nests are often round in shape, and may grow to the size of a basketball with 5,000 or more yellow jackets at their max size in the Marietta area. Areas further south, where they do not die in the winter, increase the size of these nests dramatically.


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