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Southeast Bee Removal succeeded where others did not.  We had been trying all summer to have other "bee experts" locate the hive at our house with no success.  Southeast found the hive within twenty minutes of arriving, and had the hive completely removed and the area repaired by that afternoon.  They were swift, efficient, professional, and even cleaned up after themselves. They went the extra mile to treat the area in order to prevent the return of other bees, and sealed all possible entrances.  This company has the perfect combination of beekeeping knowledge as well as construction expertise.  You cannot even tell the bees where ever there, nor that any construction work was done.  Thank you so much.

Joshua and Southeast Bee Removal Co. are very skilled at what they do and are honest and ethical. If you want your removal done right, this company should be your choice. Fair price for the work done.

If honey bees have made a “home” in your home the person to contact is Joshua Lachmann of Southeast Bee Removal LLC to insure they are expertly and safely removed. Joshua arrived on time and fortunately for me confirmed the bees were located only in the bay window roof. He carefully removed half of the roof to gain access to the bees and removed all including the queen. He skillfully replaced the roof and insured all future access was sealed off. My bee problem is finally resolved and the bees have a new “home”. Thank you Joshua for a terrific job!

I just was looking at the pictures of the hive removal you did for us and wanted to post how happy we were with your service. We had a beekeeper out previously who worked all summer and couldn't remove the hive and you were able to take care of it so quickly. Also with the closing up of the site, you cannot even tell the bees were ever there. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

We noticed a couple months ago that honey bees had invaded the front door area of our home. They had bored into and built their comb in the overhang. Our regular pest control company came out but were unable to get rid of the bees. Fortunately, we found Southeast Bee Removal. Joshua came over, gave us a fair price and removed the bees alive. He estimated there were 30,000 bees in our overhang. He had to remove some of the overhang to get to the comb and the bees but put everything back to where all I had to do was a little sanding and painting. It is a pleasure doing business with someone like Joshua. He showed up when he said he would, did exactly what he said he would do, and charged me what he said he would charge me. Joshua gets my highest recommendation! An outstanding job!!

Thanks for the pictures as well as the good service!!

Joshua, You did a fantastic job! Thank You for your assistance in this matter.

Hey Joshua: Thanks so much for a great job. I was really impressed with the process, and I appreciate the care you took with our house. If the bees should make their way back into this favorite spot, we'll give you a call. Really a pleasure doing business with you.