LIVE BEE RELOCATION We specialize in the live removal of honey bees from homes and businesses
    SERVICE AREA Northern and Central Georgia, Central Alabama, Greenville South Carolina, and surrounding areas
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    Bee Removal Services Removing Bees Comb and Honey, Quality Repairs, Guarantee against Honey Bee Re-infestation

"One of every three bites of food you eat depends on the honey bee. They pollinate at least 130 different crops in the US alone, including fruits, vegetables and tree nuts."-organicconsumer.org 

Southeast Bee Removal understands the vital role that bees play in our food sources and the environment. While there has been a rapid decline of honeybees in recent years, Southeast Bee Removal is dedicated to being a part of the solution through the live rescue of honeybees. We will relocate them to our own bee yard or to local beekeepers. 

We are: 

  • fully insured
  • all work guaranteed
  • repairs included
  • calls returned asap

Southeast Bee Removal is located near Atlanta, Georgia, and services Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. Joshua Lachmann is an avid beekeeper with 10+ years construction experience. Bee removals combine his construction expertise and love for beekeeping. Joshua cultivates hundreds of thousands of bees and sells raw local honey.

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If honey bees have made a “home” in your home the person to contact is Joshua Lachmann of Southeast Bee Removal LLC to insure they are expertly and safely removed. Joshua arrived on time and fortunately for me confirmed the bees were located only in the bay window roof. He carefully removed half of the roof to gain access to the bees and removed all including the queen. He skillfully replaced the roof and insured all future access was sealed off. My bee problem is finally resolved and the bees have a new “home”. Thank you Joshua for a terrific job! Margaret Grubb, Birmingham, AL

Margaret Grubb

"Glad to work with someone dependable" --Mike Burgess

Mike Burgess

"I have known Josh for about 10 years or more. High degree of integrity. He will not disappoint you with his work." -BJ Weeks

BJ Weeks