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Sure, they sting.
Honey bees may sting, but their benefits far outweigh the occasional act of aggression. Check out our products that come straight from the honey bee, including candles, beeswax, pollen, and (of course), honey.
Safely "di-sting-uish" using our Bee ID!
Because you are more likely to get stung by the aggressive yellow jacket than you are by a honey bee. Use our helpful Bee ID to become familiar with different types of black-and-yellow winged creatures!
Ask away!
Do you have a question for an expert at Southeast Bee Removal? We've studied bees for years, and we are eager to serve you. Visit our FAQ page in order to learn more about what we do and more about honey bees.

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“One of every three bites of food you eat depends on the honey bee. They pollinate at least 130 different crops in the US alone, including fruits, vegetables and tree nuts.”

Southeast Bee Removal understands the vital role that bees play in our food sources and the environment. While there has been a rapid decline of honeybees in recent years, Southeast Bee Removal is dedicated to being a part of the solution through the live rescue of honeybees.

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Our primary service is honey bee removal, but we are not your typical exterminators. Recognizing the value of the honey bee and their work, we not only remove honey bees but relocate them so that they can continue living and producing in a healthy habitat. So don't miss out on our products in addition to our removal services!

We also provide other types of removal. Visit our Services pages to learn more!

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