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Hi, this is Joshua Lachmann, owner of Southeast Bee Removal. Thank you for taking time to visit our online site. We are a small, family-owned bee removal company located in Fayetteville, GA. We have been rescuing honey bees and providing solutions for bee problems in the Southeast since 2013.

Although I did not begin beekeeping until I was older, bees always fascinated me. My family spent two years in the jungles of Columbia, South America when I was 10 years old. All kinds of stinging insects and bees thrive in tropical places such as this. Hornet, wasp, and bees nests grew to huge proportions. One of my brother's and my favorite pastimes included finding these huge nests of the exotic hornet and wasp. In our young minds, the bigger the better! A carefully aimed rock could smash a gaping hole in a mud-type nest built on a tree limb, and cause hundreds of these angry stinging insects to fly crazily through the air. We loved that! Our bee fascination had begun!

Bees were a talent and passion that was yet undiscovered! As I grew up, the path I chose was construction. Finally, after spending years in the construction field my wife and I were inspired through prayer to start keeping honeybees! One thing led to another and the 3-4 bee hives we started with eventually became a full-time bee removal operation with 40+ honey bee colonies at a given time.

At times, it was difficult starting out in this unique niche market. I encountered bee problems I didn't know how to handle, call backs from jobs that still had bee issues, many expensive learning mistakes, and other difficulties. I am very thankful to my wife who would not let me quit. She has always supported me no matter what. I am also thankful to Bill Owens of Georgia Bee Removal who gave me valuable wisdom and advice along the way.

Some favorite things about what I do are: being able to save honey bees, harvesting the golden delicious raw honey, and taking care of my hives containing hundreds of thousands of bees! I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to follow my passions and do something I truly love to do.

If you have any questions, would like a free bee removal estimate, or would like to set up an appointment please contact or call 404-594-BEES (2337). I look forward to serving you!