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Not all bee removal services are the same. Prices and quality of work can vary greatly among pest control companies and amateur beekeepers. Knowing who to hire can be a tough decision, especially if this is your first time dealing with bees.  

Huge Honey Bee Hive in the floor joist of a home that Southeast Bee Removal Rescued and Relocated!

Huge Atlanta Honey Bee Colony in Floor Joist

Empty Floor Joist After Removal of Honey Bee Hive


Here Is What Makes Southeast Bee Removal Stand Out!

1. Licensed and Insured

2. We specialize in bees and nothing else

3. Repairs are included with most of our bee removals

4. We rescue and relocate honey bees

5. Work is guaranteed

-We are licensed and insured, we carry both liability insurance and workers comp. Bee removal companies, and beekeepers with cheap prices are likely not going to have much insurance if any.

-Bee removal is all we do. It is not a hobby or one of many other pest control services that we offer. We do bees and bee removals full time. When you hire us you are getting the most experienced and dedicated bee removal specialist available. We have been removing bee hives since 2012 and have removed 100s of bee nests in every location imaginable. There is not much we haven't seen. We can recommend the best approach for removing the bees. We don't use guess work in finding the bees either. We know right where the bees will be at before we remove any building material. Inexperienced beekeepers or pest control companies may have to make multiple cuts in your home before accurately finding the colony of bees. Also the whole process takes less than a day in most cases, from removal of the entire nest to repair of the access area.

-We have years of construction experience. Bees are located with minimal damage to your home. Repairs are included on most removals. Hire us, and you don't need a separate company to come and close up the hole where the bees were at. Note: we repair drywall with the first coat of mud, shingles, vinyl siding, wood soffit, wood trim, and more. We do not repair brick, stucco, or stone. When we do the repairs we can give a guarantee against re-infestation as well.

Montgomery Honeybee Removal From Floor

Entire Honey Bee Nest  Removed From Apartment Floor Joist

Sealing And Repairing Siding After Honey Bee Removal

-We are highly experienced beekeepers who do LIVE honey bee removal and relocation. Some companies advertise live removal but still end up killing many of the colonies they remove because they say “it's necessary in this case”. I have also heard of other companies “rescuing” the honey bees, only to dump them in a woods nearby. Bees dumped in woods after removal are going to die. They need special care by a beekeeper to survive. They are going to need food and sugar water and a warm shelter (bee box) to stay in. Though some bee colonies may require extermination most of the time it is totally unnecessary. Really, very few colonies need to be killed for safe removal. If a removal is done from inside the house, the room can be sealed off to contain the bees only to that room. After a live removal of this nature by Southeast Bee Removal, you will hardly know we have even been in your home.

-We will give a guarantee of our work and against re-infestation to the exact same location when we do the repairs. Honey bees are known for coming back to the same place they were removed from if the area is not sealed properly. Again, many beekeepers that offer low cost or even free bee removals do not guarantee against re-infestation. An area that is not sealed properly after the bees have been removed will likely get bees again within the next year to five years. I know this because I have seen it over and over again in the removals I have done. Also we do not charge for call backs of a bee problem. We guarantee the problem is fixed right the first time. If we do have to come out a second time, we will come out at no charge. Please give a minimum of a week for straggler bees to go away from the outside entry point location. It normal to have some of the field bees (bees that were out foraging while the bee removal was being completed) hang around this long. But there should be fewer and fewer every day until they are gone.


If you live in the following cities and have a structural honey bee infestation that you need taken care of, we are your company! We service:

Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, Augusta, Athens, Rome, North Georgia, Middle Georgia, Birmingham, Montgomery, Auburn, Gadsden, Fort Payne, Talladega, Eastern Alabama, Greenville South Carolina, Anderson South Carolina, and the surrounding Areas

We also provide additional services such as hornet and yellow jacket removal in the Atlanta metro areas.