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Here is a unique story of a bee removal I did, both becuase of the size of the swarm and because it involved an answer to prayer that I am going to tell you about. 

Gigantic Honey Bee Swarm Removal From Tree Limb

An extremely large honey bee swarm visited a Panera Bread in Atlanta not too long ago. I would estimate there were 30,000-40,000 bees. It could have easily been over 10 lbs. of honey bees. This swarm was so heavy that it partially broke the branch that it landed on. Rather uncommon, as I have only seen several swarms this big out of the many jobs I have done. A good sized swarm is typically half this size. The original colony that this swarm came from must have been massive. 

Although the bees were 25 feet off the ground, they were in a high traffic area and needed to be removed asap! A pest control company Southeast Bee Removal works with, referred the job. Southeast Bee Removal is licensed and insured. As a beekeeper, I rescue and relocate the bees instead of killing them.

As soon as I arrived on site, I could see it was going to be difficult to remove the bees because a car was directly underneath them. The only way I could get my ladder in position to reach the swarm, was if the car was moved. I asked around and had the manager check inside Panera Bread to search for the owner of the car, but the owner could not be found.

I was sitting in my van wondering what to do. By now, I had been there for about an hour with no solution to the problem. I wanted to be able to rescue the bees and I also wanted to get paid for the job. At that moment, I prayed and asked God to send the owner, wherever they were, to move their car. I had scarcely finished praying this prayer in my mind, when I see someone walking up to the car and getting inside. The was a direct answer to the prayer I had just prayed! I was amazed!

As soon as the car drove off, I set up my ladder and had the bee swarm removed in short order. Then they were transported to our apiary, a.k.a. honeybee yard, where they are doing very well! 

Huge Caputered Honey Bee Swarm From Panera Bread Parking Lot Ready For Relocation