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It is spring 2022 and the bee removal season is just getting started.

Honey bees that have been mostly dormant through winter are becoming very active on warm days. The queen begins laying 2,000 eggs a day in the spring and early summer as hives go through a population explosion. During this time the hive will often swarm. This is when approximately half of the hive (up to 20,000 bees or more) will leave the orginal colony and move into to a new location to start another hive. Once honey bees have picked a location they like, they can move into their new home within a matter of minutes.

Super Swarm of 20,000 Plus Honey Bees  

Large Bee Swarm in Transit

Southeast Bee Removal is a family owned business specializing in removing honey bees and bee hives and has years of experience! We will humanly remove the bees and relocate them. After removal of a bee colony from a structure, we will repair the access area with the original building materials and give a guarantee against reinfestation to that exact lcoation.

We are based out of Atlanta GA and service middle and north GA including metro Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, Augusta, Athens, and the surrounding area, eastern AL including Montgomerry and Birmingham, and the Greenville SC area.