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Southeast Bee Removal is your bee expert for honey bee infestations in and around the Greenville area. Here is a bee colony we removed from the roof of a home in Clemson.

Removing a Honey Bee Colony from a Roof in Clemson South Carolina

After removing the entire bee nest, we put the shingles back that we took off. Everything was sealed and caulked to prevent leaks and bees coming back in the future. You would never be able to tell that we had even removed bees after the work was done.

Picture of roof after repairs were done.

Repair of Shingles on Roof After Removing a Honey Bee Hive

If you have honey bees in your roof or attic we can get rid of the bees for you in a humane way. We do not exterminate honey bees but will rescue and relocate them, where they can continue to pollinate and produce honey in a safe place and not in your home!

Attics usually are not the ideal place for honey bees. The reason for this is attics just get too hot in the summer for the bees to survive. Wasps and yellow jackets can withstand more heat and I do see more of these in attics than I do honey bees. If honey bees make a new nest under the shingles in early spring when the weather has not warmed up, they can become established before the extreme heat comes. However, when it does get hot, the sun beating on the shingles can melt the wax and comb that the bees are building. Their nest can break apart and fall down on the insulation. If it is a large colony, the bees will try to rebuild the nest only to have it melt again. The heat will limit how big a bee nest can get in this case. Or if the temperatures get extremely hot the bees and the queen will abscond and completely leave their hive and any wax, comb, and honey behind. The remaining parts of the hive will attract bees again when the weather cools down.

Here are the most common instances I have found, where honey bees can make a nest in the roof area of your attic.

If there is shade from trees, this can keep the attic cool enough for the bees to make a nest. This was the case for the bee removal in this Clemson home.

If there is spray foam, the attic will be well insulated against heat. Spray foam has become more popular especially on newer homes and I am seeing more bee hives in these places.

Honey Bees Building a Nest on Spray Foam Dormer Attic

The last place in an attic that honey bees can avoid the heat is in a cricket or saddle, which is a triangle built above the chimney to divert water. If bees have built a nest in the saddle of the roof in can be accessed from the inside or outside. If the roof is high or steep than the attic would be the best place to remove the bees from.

Removing Honey Bees From Chimney Saddle Above Attic

Any work done from the attic or on the roof is best begun early in the morning before temperatures get hot.

We have seen honey bees make a nest in just about every place possible: roofs, attics, eaves, columns, trees, walls, floors, garages, dormers, sheds, and more. If you have bees in any of these places or somewhere else and want them removed, give us a call/send us an email. If you have questions about what should be done we would be happy to answer them. Please send picture/s if possible of the bee problem. This will allow us to give you better advice on what should be done.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. We hope the information has been helpful!