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Johns Creek Honey Bee Removal

Southeast Bee Removal has been removing all kinds of bee infestations from Johns Creek and the surrounding areas since 2013. We are a professional bee removal company, specializing in the live removal and relocation of honey bee colonies.

Our service includes, removal of the entire bee nest, repairs of the access area, and a guarantee against re-infestation to the exact same location. We are licensed, insured, and carry workers comp. Contact us today for a fast free bee removal estimate.

The following is a honey bee removal job we did in Johns Creek. This had been an ongoing problem for several years. At one point the bees had been killed by the homeowner, if I remember right. None of the honeycomb or nest had been removed though. This left it susceptible to other pests.

The following year, a new honey bee colony moved in. This time instead of occupying the nasty old nest, they moved one floor joist over and started a new nest. So now the problem was twice as bad as it was originally, or worse.

Honey Comb Fermenting Ceiling DamageNew Honey Bee Swarm CeilingHoney Bee Removal Ceiling Johns Creek

When doing removals of this nature, it is going to be messy. We put down plastic on the floor and wall to keep the room as clean as possible.

A thermal imaging camera, while helpful in locating a live colony of bees, is not going to be helpful in this case. Much of the nest has no bees on it at all. We will remove enough drywall on all sides of the nest to make sure we get everything out. The last thing you want is remnants of an old nest left in your ceiling.

When the bees are killed, they can not protect their nest. Wax moth larva and hive beetle larva will rapidly take over and can multiply by the 1000s. The honey ferments and everything is coated in a disgusting sticky film. For this bee removal, a large portion of the ceiling had to be replaced with new drywall.

Southeast Bee Removal was able to save the bees that were alive for this job. We then removed all the old nest and cleaned out the floor joists. After this, the floor joists were packed with insulation to prevent honey bees returning to the same location. The outside entry point was sealed as well.

A job like this takes twice as long as a normal honey bee removal. It is best to avoid such problems by calling a bee removal professional to begin with.

Decomposing Honey Bee Hive Drywall Honey Bee Colony Drywall Damage Honey Bee Damage Bedroom Ceiling

Bee Swarm Tree Johns CreekBesides structural bee removals, we remove honey bee swarms as well. Swarms form when half of the bees leave the parent colony with the queen. The old colony will raise a new queen to replace her. Before the swarm of bees move into a permanent structure, they will be in a swarm state for one to three days.

How long the stay as a swarm depends on the weather and how quickly the scout bees can find a good location to move into. It is best to have swarms removed as soon as possible.

This will keep them from taking up residence in your house or your neighbors. If the swarm has landed in a high traffic area this is another good reason to have them removed.

Highest hornet nest ever removed in Georgia?

We remove hornet nests in Johns Creek and all of Metro Atlanta. One hornet nest we removed is the highest hornet nest that I have ever seen. It was at the top of a 6th floor apartment building with a parking garage underneath. This made it 70 feet off the ground! If you look closely at the picture you may be able to find it.

The windows could not be opened so the nest had to be removed from the outside with the use of a huge boom lift. The hornets had eaten through the wire sceen and had made a nest about the size of a basketball. It was one gnarly looking nest.

Hornet Nest 6th Floor Apartment Hornet Nest Screen Window Hornet Removal Chewed Through Screen

Honey Bee Yellow Jacket Nest FloorAnother strange removal we did was of a honey bee colony in a floor joist that had built a nest directly behind an old yellow jacket nest.

Yellow jacket nests do not normally survive the winter in the Johns Creek area and they do not reuse the old nest the following year.

We removed both the old yellow jacket nest and the new honey bee colony, and sealed the entry point to prevent future re-infestations to that same location.

If you have a bee problem that you think may require a bee expert we would be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

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