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Southeast Bee Removal began as a hobby with only a few bee hives, and now has grown into a full time professional bee removal company managing approximately 50 rescued bee hives at a given time. We have a passion in working with honey bees and providing permanent solutions to reoccurring bee problems to our customers.

We have been removing honey bees, hornets, and yellow jacket nests from Roswell, Georgia since 2013. With every bee removal we do, you can expect a company that is licensed and insured, is highly experienced, does live honey bee removal and rescue, repairs the access area on most structural removals, and guarantees their work.

Honey Bees Chimney Eaves RoswellHere is an example of a honey bee removal we did in Roswell from the eaves of a house.

A very common access point to the eaves, is where the eaves connect with the chimney. In fact, of all the honey bee removals we do from the eaves, this is the most common place to find honey bees.

The reason for this is because there is almost always a construction gap between the chimney and eaves. It doesn't take much of a gap for the bees to enter either, only 3/16 of inch or bigger.

Melted Wax Honey Bees RoofThis particular bee removal was probably a couple months old. It contained a lot of bees. After I began vacuuming the bees off the comb, I noticed the comb looked a little melted and like it had fallen down on top of itself a bit.

The heat from the sun, on the roof and shingles was causing this. Somehow, the bees seemed to be managing the heat and rebuilding the nest as needed.

Bee Colony Removed Eaves RoswellSoutheast Bee Removal took out the entire nest including bees, comb, and honey. This prevents damage to the home and also prevents other pests from being attracted to the area.

After removing the nest, repairs were done and the construction gap sealed, where the soffit meets the chimney to prevent future bee infestations.

Live Honey Bees Cage RelocationOur method of removing honey bees is to vacuum them into a cage for relocation using a specially made bee vac.

The pressure of the vacuum is strong enough to suck the bees up but gentle enough not to harm them. 15,000 worker bees and the queen bee ready to be located to one of our bee yards.

Here are a few more examples of bee jobs we have done in Roswell, GA.

Honey Bee Swarm Tree RoswellA honey bee swarm that took on the shape of the tree it was attached to. I would estimate 10,000-15,000 bees in this swarm.

Honey bee swarms move quickly, so it is not something you see everyday. Swarm season is from March through June but can vary based on weather. Swarms of bees can be found resting on a tree limb, branch, bush or other structure. They are usually only in a swarm state for 1-3 days before moving to their final destination. Although most swarms are docile in nature, you still want to be careful and get them removed asap to prevent them from moving into your home.

The before and after pictures of a honey bee colony we removed from a column of a house. Columns are fairly common locations where honey bees will take up residence. They most resemble tree cavities of all the removals we do, which is where bees make nests in the wild.

Columns are often hollow and provide plenty of space for bees to work. One thing I will usually do for column removals, is to check the other columns on the house. If bees got in one column there is a chance they could get in the others. I can either seal the other columns while at the job or recommend what should be done to prevent future infestations.

Honey Bee Removal Column RoswellBee Removal Column Repairs

Hornet Nest Removal Roof RoswellBesides rescuing honey bees, we also remove hornet nests like this one near Roswell.

Can you imagine the surprise when workers on the roof discovered this unsightly nest. They refused to do any work in that area of the roof until the nest was removed. I don't blame them.

Bald-faced hornets can be very aggressive when they are disturbed and the sting is extremely painful! Southeast Bee Removal got rid of this nest in a safe manner.

The removal was done with protective clothing, a.k.a. a bee suit, and the entire nest was removed.

The funny thing with hornet nests, is that they seem to spring up overnight and appear out of nowhere. One day they won't be there and the next day there is a huge nest. This is because each nest starts with only a queen, unlike honey bees which will have 1000s of bees and the queen from the very beginning.

A hornet queen starts the nest alone in the spring and it takes time for the eggs she lays to reach maturity, and start caring for the rest of the nest. Once enough workers emerge, the nest grows very rapidly. Nests are also gray in color and can blend in with the surrounding landscaping. Later in summer from June-September is when most of these nests are discovered. Hornet nests can be anywhere from the size of a softball to the size of two basketballs at their max size.

If you live in or around Roswell and need a bee hive removed, give us a call or send us an email for a fast free bee removal estimate. Thank you for taking the time to look at our site. We hope it has been helpful!


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