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Honey Bees Entering Small Gap Between First and Second Floor of House

Southeast Bee Removal is available for property inspections for honey bee infestations, hornet nests, and yellow jacket nests. We are experienced in bee behavior and know what signs to look for to determine if there is a bee problem, where it is, and what steps are necessary for removal.

This can be a great service if you are buying or selling a home that you think might have an issue with bees. It is also useful if you have found bees in your house but do not know where they are coming from. We can do a thorough walk around to find the location of the bees nest and also look on the inside of the home/property if needed. We will send you a receipt stating exactly what we found, what action should be taken, and what work was done if any.

Note: Best days for inspections are on warmer sunny days when bees are likely to be more active.