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Yellow Jacket Nest Removal From the Ground

Nests that are in the ground are simply dug up and destroyed. Nests that are in a structure can be a bit more complicated. Yellow jackets are tiny and easy to miss. They are also easy to mistake for honey bees. If the first time you notice the bees is July or later it is more likely to be yellow jackets whereas honey bees usually show up earlier in the year. Also unlike honey bees, yellow jackets will chew through drywall given enough time and can start coming inside your home. You will usually be able to hear a scratchy clawing chewing sound if you have a yellow jacket nest in a wall. The trickiest part about removing a yellow jacket nest from a structure is finding the location of the nest. This is because they can travel several feet away from their entrance point before building their nest. Using special techniques, we are usually able to find the nest fairly quickly. Once the nest is found it is removed and destroyed.

Just as with a honey bee removal, the entry point will be tightly sealed to prevent the entry of any more yellow jackets. Foraging yellow jackets returning to the old nest site will not be able to get back in and these will typically be gone within a week or so. If drywall repair is needed we are usually able do the first coat of mud for an additional fee.